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Reflections from Piesendorf

September 16, 2012

Dear all,

I have been very sorry to hear now during my Yoga Therapy Course in Piesendorf many women telling how they have been manipulated in various inappropriate ways by Kausthub. The details are not mine to tell.

I find the matter very serious . My trust on Kausthub is lost.

Despite that we had such a beautiful time together, under these circumstances I find it impossible to go on as a Sanga-member.

Thank You all

I´m very very sorry.


Date: 15. September 2012 22:25:34

Dear ——

Why have you taken this decicion without talking to Kausthub first or to one of us?
Things are often different than they seem to be.
You are making a big mistake.
Sraddha is needed.
15. September 2012 22:17:33

Dear ——,

thank you for telling about what is going on in Piesendorf. I, too, got those horrible news amongst others from participants of the course and I have to say that I am totally confused. At present, I feel like you and cannot imagine how to continue the sanga which has become so dear to me in Estonia, you all know this!
Does anybody know sth from Kausthub personally? If yes, please tell. If not I will write to him that he should talk about his viewpoint in order to clarify the whole thing.
Let us all stay in contact and share what is going on so that we can build up an attitude that makes sense. Together we may be able to look through this darkness and face the consequences. My suggestion is that everyone of you ask a participant of the therapy-course in order to get the most direct information. Then we can talk together about how to digest.
I’m so sad.
16. September 2012 15:44:44
Hello everyone
Kausthub will contact us all, he’s in the middle of the storm. As —– says stay steady and calm, no weak link. Faith is not faith unless its tested. Barb
16. September 2012 01:00:47

Dear friends,

just a few moments ago Kausthub told me that he is really seriously clarifying and reflecting about what is going on and about his part of this. As Barb said he will write to us very soon. As I wrote before, and now in —-‘s sense: let us be open so that we can perceive clearly, shraddha will lead us. And let us share serious thoughts and decisions; we still are a sanga with deep experiences…
16. September 2012 01:21:01
Dear ——, ——- and all,
Andres, first of all we want to thank you and all of the others in Austria who have had the courage to speak with us during the last few days. This has helped us to see more clearly on many things in Kausthubs behaviour. It has been the darkest and most painful days we have lived through, and there will be so many more consequences to face. So we understand your decision and feel so deeply sorry for this.
During the last 2 days we have also spoken extensively with Kausthub. We have screamed and cried out so much anger, disappointment and feeling of betrayal about his behaviour so far.
It feels like he hears us for the first time. This is a start, now only his actions can convince us about our future together.
This is not the time to close our eyes, but to hold on to our sticks and each other for support and clarity. In this way we can really become a Sanga and help Kausthub to change all what he needs to change.
Thank you —- and ——- for sharing these painful talks between us and Kausthub. Thank you everyone in the Sanga, the memory of our time together is supporting us so much at this time.
—– and ——
16. September 2012 03:08:04

To my dear sanga

I send you all my love and strength and support from the mountains of aotearoa, in this time of storm and darkness.

This is a time of trial.

The hard times are always the times I have learnt the most.

The times I have needed my friends to stand by me, with eyes wide open, and to point out the most pain-full things.

I am here with my stick and my bowl

And my love

We are all human

My teacher as much as me.

Yours sincerely


16. September 2012 09:13:48

Dear all,

what happen here the last few days just needs time to settle. So that a more clear view is coming into the mind for the next step. Except Andres, Nancy and me no one of you was here and went through this really tragically situation. Please consider this!

I wish Kausthub all the strength he needs now to go through this difficult time he will face too.

My best wishes to all of you and love



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