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Letter from Anupama Das (Kausthub?) to the KHYF European Therapy Group

September 25, 2012
Dear AllThese are my comments on the KHYF letter received today which I hope will be helpful to everyone in their reflections.This is my summary of the message of this letter.

1. Whoever has written this letter sends the message ‘KHYF will continue in its current format and still has a value’ ie it is business as usual.  The tone suggests KHYF does not need to explain to its readers what changes may be taking place.
2.The allegations are no more than that they are just allegations at this stage – there is no admission of guilt
3.The quality of the course is not in doubt
4.The management structure of KHYF is of no concern to the Committee.
5.There will be no compensation for training already rendered
6.The letter provides no line of sight to specific actions

Also attached is a copy of the letter with my detailed comments shown in red (italics) which gives more specific responses to what has been said.



Thank you for your email dated 25 September, 2012. KHYF has noted your email and after discussions we would like to let you know the following.

We strongly believe in the need to continue with the work that KHYF had set out to deliver to its followers [we are STUDENTS who have paid for a training course],  which is, as you have also said, is to impart: “… the necessary skills to become an excellent therapist…” such that “…you will become an ambassador for holistic health and well-being in the yoga tradition of T Krishnamacharya, as well.”

The emphasis on our programs has been development of those who want to follow it. After all, KHYF cannot operate in a vacuum without those who want to become a part of it [absolutely right] . In keeping with that motto we will make all efforts to continue with the current courses, training programs, events and activities as planned. Having said that, steps [what are they specifically?]  are being taken to address the concerns of the Committee and its members.

This does not mean that KHYF has accepted the allegations against Dr. Kausthub Desikachar. The statement of KHYF sent on 22 September, 2012 sets out the commitment of KHYF. Steps [what are they specifically?]  are being taken internally to put our house in order, including in respect of the allegations against Dr. Kausthub Desikachar. Our intent is to create confidence building measures [this is projection]  for the members of the Committee and also the followers [!]  of the KHYF program. The demands made by the Committee regarding Dr. Kausthub Desikachar are internal policy decisions of KHYF towards which the release of ʻ KHYFʼ [I think this is a glaring mistake and should have read Kaustub which suggests that it is he who is writing as ʻKHYFʼ throughout this mail]  should be amply clear. KHYF is happy to build consensus towards issues which would benefit the followers  of the KHYF program. However KHYF would appreciate if such demands are kept to the KHYF program itself and not go into issues relating to its internal administration. [We have a right to know and need answers to the two specifically posited questions (a) about whether Kaustub will profiting from further activitiy and (b) whether he will continue to have an influence]

The other conditions of the Committee have also been deliberated upon. KHYF has in its prospectus indicated the fact that the present KHYF program is divided into 6 modules and that the overall cost of the entire KHYF program is € 6,995/-, excluding the additional training. It has been a practice that the students pay each instalment prior to the commencement of the module. While at KHYF we are not attempting to create legal obstacles [exactly what it is doing by non-admission of guilt] , an issue of compensation would arise upon the conclusion of guilt.

As of now, we are only internally dealing with the issues raised by the Committee. We implore the Committee to give natural justice and fair play a chance to come to an answer which has been taken through a process that is acceptable in a judicial manner [what is that process?] . Still, we feel, that as a confidence building [projection again]  measure, we would be willing not to require the payment for the remaining modules from the students who wish to stop attending the KHYF program [do they really think theyʼd have redress to the remaining monies?] . This would include not only those students who have directly made a complaint to the Committee, but those students, who wish to leave the course with immediate effect. There have been 4 modules that have been completed [I am certain the group would agree that module 4 was certainly not completed]  and there has been an intangible [I think they meant to say tangile since most training product outcomes have to be verified]  knowledge to students that have been transferred. We only request that the effort towards the same be valued by the Committee and the members.

While we are happy to have the Committeeʼ s views of the syllabus and its scope for improvement, we would appreciate if this Committee would use the present space for discussing the issues revolving Dr. Kausthub Desikachar [as paying STUDENTS we have a right to recourse if the standard of syllabus and course delivery is not met. By asking the Committee to consider only the issues re Kaustub it is contradicting the earlier request to leave this matter to judicial process]

We would also be happy to discuss with the Committee about the nomination of a new team leader [suggest one!]  for the forthcoming modules. In the event that the Committee has any immediate suggestions, we are happy to consider them. At KHYF we will also take initiatives to put together a list, which, we are happy to discuss with the Committee so as to complete the course in keeping with the larger principles evolved by Sri T. Krishnamacharya and Sri Desikachar.

Best regards,

Anupama Das

Director – Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation [signed by a single director and yet the responses are all quoted from KHYF – who are the board?]


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