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Kausthub to this mentorees

October 9, 2012

2012/10/9 Kausthub Desikachar | GMX <>

Dear Mentorees,

Owing to present circumstances, I have decided to take a break from teaching. With this in mind, you might wish to consider an alternate mentor from the KHYF registry to continue your yoga journey.

However, the other option is to wait and as soon as circumstances become clear then I will be in contact again to further discuss mentorship.

I regret the inconvenience and concern this has caused.

Sincere regards


From: —– —— ———
Date: 2012/10/10
Subject: Re: Mentoring
To: Kausthub Desikachar | GMX <>
Shame on you, Kausthub

Your outrageous behaviour continues in this message: how dare you say “I have decided to take a break from teaching”???
You didn’t decide anything! You had to do it because your sickness came out!
It is very offensive to use soft words like “inconvenience” and “concern” to qualify the damage you have caused.
I cannot trust your regrets.
You need help, I wish you can find it.

—– —— ———


From → Kausthub

One Comment
  1. This is so familiar. He gets caught out. Cannot see the real deep error of his ways, who can blame him the level of avidya required to have behaved in the ways he had need to be so strong. But he thinks, as has been the case, that everything will just go back. This is what he did to me and I bloody fell for it. He thinks he is so much more evolved. While I feel no need to judge, he is so sick it scares me. I don’t trust any of this tradition right now, though i do trust the teachings that have given me more connection to my own intuition. I also feel i hear brainwashing in some senior teachers and hope they will come to the truth. I distrust so muchi don’t want to leave my email here in case it is Kausthub’s crazy mind behind this blog! 😦

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