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Thread on relationship between KYM and KHYF

October 12, 2012

On Fri, 10/12/12, Anu KHYF <> wrote:

From: Anu KHYF <>
Subject: Fwd: KYM-KHYF relationship
To: “MOORS Frans” <>, “Gill Lloyd” <>, “Chandra Klee” <>, “Sarah Ryan” <>, “Sonia Nelson” <>
Date: Friday, October 12, 2012, 2:12 AM

Greetings from Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation

This is with reference to mail(s) that are being sent around by Sriram from Germany that some of you have been concerned about. Part of the contents of the mail go to state that
– KYM has distanced itself from KHYF.
– Those who are currently at KYM do not want to have anything do with KHYF.
– The teachers of KYM may no longer work for KHYF.

To answer the questions that this raises, please note that:
1. There is hardly any organisation that would encourage its employees to work elsewhere. KHYF (or KYM, for that matter) is no different, and hence its salaried employees/ staff cannot work elsewhere.
2. Owing to the fact that the founder of both organisations is Sir TKV Desikachar, and that both Menaka Desikachar and Kausthub Desikachar were part of both, it is possible that people understood they were somehow or the other connected. However in terms of management and fiduciary responsibilities the organisations have always been separate. If people have assumed these two organizations to be ‘one’, all we can say is that perhaps they did not know the facts. Besides, the organisational structure itself is different and does not support mixing activities between them.  There is no hostility between the organisations from either direction. Both organisations have always had cordial professional relationships while pursuing their own goals and this will continue to do so in the future. Now, all the more, owing to the current regulatory environment in our country.
3. If Individual teachers have made choices to work for, or, want to be associated with a particular organisation, it is a choice that the individual makes. No organisation is forcing people to make these choices.

We find the information(of those mails that have been circulated) to be inappropriate, misleading and incorrect. We are given to understand that Mr Sudhakar (one of the trustees of KYM) was contacted for information, following which these misleading mails have been sent out. We have attached the email that Mr Sudhakar has sent us (below) in response to our query. We do not intend to lose focus from our primary task of keeping things moving in the right direction. We would be very happy to provide any further clarification that you might require. Additionally, we would really appreciate your support in defining the scope of the Strategic Council and being a part of it.
This apart, we will be sending out a public statement very shortly which would put into perspective the steps that KHYF has taken, in lieu of the present situation.

Warm regards

Ms. Anupama Das
(Director in-charge)

Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sudhakar K S
Date: 11 October 2012 8:23:35 PM GMT+05:30
To: Anu KHYF <>
Subject: KYM-KHYF relationship

Dear Anu,

Thanks for opportunity for me to put this in writing and close this discussion once and for all.

1. Employee of one company/organisation cannot be allowed to work part time or freelance in similar area of operation either on his/her own or with another organisation. In this line, we have reiterated to all our teachers that they should not take up any other assignments while they are employed with KYM.

2. KYM is a 35+ years old organisation founded by Shri Desikachar in memory of Shri T Krishnamacharya. KYM is a public charitable trust with the sole objective of propagation of Yoga. Here people volunteer and work out of their free will. We have taken care of our members and staff and will continue to do so. We are not in habit of threatening any one and will never be.

KYM has no relationship with KHYF, if any publication, website, press release or any other media of KHYF carries reference to KYM in any form, please remove the same. We are not against any organisation but we are in favour of only KYM and will remain focused on growing KYM by providing quality Yoga teachings to anyone who seek the same.

I hope this rests this discussion once and for all so that we both can focus on our respective goals.


Sudhakar K S
On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 5:58 PM, Anu KHYF <> wrote:
Dear Sudhakar

Greetings from Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation

One of our senior members forwarded a mail that was sent out by Mr. Sriram, from Germany. The mail he has sent says that he has had a conversation with you, following which he ascertains certain things that are contrary to our belief.

We are given to understand that in your conversation to him, it was stated that

1. “KYM has distanced themselves totally and completely from KHYF.” and that “All of the respectable people of KYM do absolutely not want to have anything to do with KHYF “.

2. “The teachers of KYM may no longer work for KHYF. If they do they will be dismissed from KYM. Only non-KYM teachers can teach in the seminars and unfinished courses of KHYF. Everybody who will teach for KHYF is with immediate effect no more part of KYM.”

The tone of these messages seems almost as a threat to the KYM teachers, and we are surprised that anyone from the KYM would have made such a statement. The tone also creates an impression that there is a hostility between KYM and KHYF, both organisations founded by Sir TKV Desikachar, to impart the teachings of T Krishnamacharya. We are under the impression that there exists, and will continue to exist cordial relationships between the KYM and KHYF, consistent with all governance and fiduciary regulations laid by the country.

We would like some light on this matter, and would like to know whether you made these statements to him, and whether our own conclusions on the above mentioned issues are accurate.

The rest of the contents of the mail (like Menaka teaching at KHYF, KYM focussing on strengthening itself) are not worth responding to, since any organisation will have its own focus and vision. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards
Ms. Anupama Das

Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation


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