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October 18, 2012

this blog is available to anyone to share their stories, with as much anonymity as you wish. if you have a anything to share for any reason, you can send me a comment to any post and I will contact you. I will not publish anything second hand, and I will not add my own commentary to any content.

my reason for doing this is to bring to the public eye, what is being held in exclusive circles of the sanga, the senior teachers, the khyf, kym etc. No one seems to address the confusion and distress of the affected or the students. So many people have spent so much time, dedication, loyalty, respect and money on this teacher and the KHYF and they deserve to know what is going on.


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  1. V S permalink

    Commendable work! Thank you for the efforts to bring this to light. I was concerned it might be swept under the carpet yet again!

  2. V S permalink

    Sraddha grossly misunderstood…

    When people say we should have Sraddha, or like we have so often hear some teachers say, “you don’t have enough Sraddha”, it is misconstrued as faith or belief, often implying “blind faith or belief” that is completely antithetical to the philosophy of Yoga. Right in the first chapter of Yoga Sutra, Patanjali reinforces the idea of practice, experience and finding your truth for yourself (Anusasanam). “Buddhism also lays emphasis on seeing, knowing and understanding and not on faith or belief.” Sraddha is inner conviction – faith in ONESELF, not an external superpower that you have surrendered your will and intelligence to! It is confidence born out of conviction. “According to Asanga, the great Buddhist philosopher of the 4th century A.C. , Sraddha has 3 aspects: (1) full and firm conviction that a thing is (2) serene joy at good qualities (3) aspiration or wish to achieve an object in view.”

    This is not very different from YS 1.20. When there is firm inner conviction, it gives the energy to pursue your chosen path towards a clear, stable mind, clarifies your memory of the goal and provides insight into the true nature of reality. Here, “Sraddha” is misplaced, misunderstood and clouded. It is such a sad state of affairs to see how much these teachings of yoga have been distorted and manipulated…

    (ref: Yoga Sutra of Patanajali, Walpola Rahula “What the Buddha Taught”.

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