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The Sanga

October 18, 2012

The sanga created by Kausthub has evolved into a secretive group of people who follow him in every conceivable way. Almost everywhere he travels to teach a workshop or an extended program like the therapy program, there is a small sub group-with its own meetings either during the course or there is a sanga congregation in a different city or location nearby.

The members of the sanga are some of the most senior yoga teacher in different countries.

People are invited to join the sanga by Kausthub when they show special talents and potential. People are sworn into keeping all activities of the sanga secret. People that have left the sanga have been harassed and called cowards and weak, by the other members of the sanga. They received ‘unconditional access to his great knowledge’ as long as they are obedient and loyal. The members of the sanga shield him and defend him even when they themselves have been abused by him. All of this happens in what seems to be a playful joyful atmosphere, under the charismatic leadership of a ‘Master of all knowledge Yoga and Vedic’. But beneath all this playfulness and apparently flat hierarchy, there is a hierarchy of control, observation and constant extraction and sharing of information that is useful to the leader.

Here are photos from the most recent sanga meeting in Estonia. Thankfully nothing explicit, just people relaxing between the grueling and intense meetings and classes. (The link to the photos has been deleted, so I strike this here)

In Ojako, Estonia. the was extensive use of practices and terms which would easily be called cult worship of the spirits, exorcism, and rituals. The Ojako meeting was one of extreme darkness and fear. Some people in the group who are ‘experts in the spirit world’ constantly harassed some targeted members of the sanga to help them to remove the bad spirits in them. Some of the people that were there and felt ‘attacked by spirits’ still talk about the intensity and the darkness of being there in that group.

Writing all this and reading it again, I can’t believe I am even typing these words. Sounds so far from any yoga I have learned in the Yoga Sutras or any other texts that I refer to as guidance in studying the darsanas. Remembering all this now seems just as strange and bizarre when as when I was first exposed to all this.

There is much in my mind, but I will stop now for today, or the memories and thoughts of writing this will cloud the rest of my day. There is a healing factor in sharing all this. I hold all this in my chest and feel a great burden. By sharing this with people, I hope it will stop more blind faith and subordination and plant the seeds for self reliance.


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  1. Lolypop permalink

    For me the first function of this forum is the exchange of ideas we would never be able to exchange otherwise….we can do it here so freely and release a little bit of this tension kept because of the impossibility of talking openly.

  2. The idea of the “sanga” is yet another clever way of manipulating people. It’s not new and it’s not original but similar to the “you are in, you are out” of Project Runway and similar shows, preying on the human need to be in. He is not the first nor the last sect leader with a loyal and obedient following. It was said that the teachings are important not the teacher. The teachings that come through a twisted mind are just that.

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