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KHYF Governing council being formed

October 22, 2012

Anupama Das (KHYF) sent an email inviting a group of very respectable people to be part of the governing council.

  • Frans Moors
  • Chandra Klee
  • Sonia Nelson
  • Gill Lloyd

That brings up a few questions…

  • Who is Anupama Das and what is her relationship with KHYF and Kausthub?
  • How does one know that Kausthub is not directing all these mails originating from KHYF?
  • How does one verify that Kausthub is not influencing KHYF now or in the future?

And most importantly yes, KHYF might be saved and a new purpose found for its existence. But that is stepping away from the question that begs other questions that need to be asked…

By hastily moving forward to save the organization, is there an attempt to conveniently ignoring the shit that hit the fan?



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  1. Elsa permalink

    That list has two persons who knew about Sarasvati’s 2007 report to Desikachar about Kaustub’s abuse of numerous female yoga teachers in training. I know this because I’ve seen the circulated form of the the email, and they received a copy. How will 50% of this committee be able to adhere to high ethical standards if they already neglected their duty to follow up on a reliable witness’s complaints in 2007? My suspicion is that this committee, who have committed a lot of time to hosting Kausthub, editing his writing, and making him and KHYF look good, will want to save their “legacy” or reputation more than compensating all victims, or showing a commitment to transparency.

  2. yogasentinel permalink

    Anupama, has always been KD’s secretary and a faithful unquestioning puppet. That is the only reason she has this ‘Interim director status’. Now she visits KD daily, to get instructions on what to do. She is far from director-material and hardly has the capacity to draft such elusive emails and strategies.

  3. claude permalink

    Check out the KHYF website and click on “about us”: Kausthub Desikachar is still listed under “our team” : “Dr. Kausthub Desikachar – Son and Student of TKV Desikachar, Dr. Kausthub Desikachar is an internationally renowned yoga teacher and yoga therapist, taking yoga into the next generation.” He is still omnipresent on the whole KHYF website with articles and videos.

  4. There can be no KHYF without Kausthub, why can’t people see this???

  5. julia permalink

    What is the purpose of keeping the KHYF? It was set up to offer yoga teacher and yoga therapy training courses. It was also set up as a financial enterprise for Kausthub. The whole organisation is now questionable. It has failed its students miserably. If the KYM could re-organise surely this would suffice to ensure that the correct teachings are still upheld? Furthermore, shame on all those teachers that have allowed their names to be used as a Council. What could they possibly contribute in the day to day running. Why on earth would they want to collaborate with with an organisation that is not needed except to swell their coffers. These are the very people that sent letters denouncing the organisation on its scandal.

  6. I know at least one of those teachers mentioned was involved in a ‘ritual’ that wad part of the long term harming of another. It could be that the above named has also experienced abuse but perhaps not seeing it. People are so loyal to Kausthub. I was in the early stages of ‘grooming’ and also felt some loyalty for a while until the fullness started coming out. Another named above when I confided in them that boundaries had been crossed by Kausthub when he kissed me in private went to Kausthub and told him what I said. I don’t believe this person was doing something bad but I really have to question their clarity, extent of devotion and motivations for helping things to continue in business during such a grave crisis. I’m not religious but Jesus spoke of resting at times when you don’t feel the guidance of God. How can anyone involved be ready so soon to take action?

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