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illegal or immoral

October 23, 2012

Do any of the allegations/accusations against Kausthub fall in the category where he could be held legally liable and responsible and he has possibly committed a crime? Or are all of these, ‘just’ morally questionable acts?



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  1. Shankar permalink

    For most of us who have not been affected by this incident directly ,this is just a moral or legal issue but for the people who have been directly affected this is a “trauma” . I do not know how they will come out of the same .

  2. Elsa permalink

    it’s criminal, that’s why charges were filed in Austria, charges which he is obliged to face — or run away from. That doesn’t mean that there’s not a place for mercy, but it’s not our place–that would be the victims’ choice & the judge’s. No one likes to see a sex offender jailed if there’s hope of an apology, restitution, significant time spent away from young women, and intensive therapy.

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