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October 23, 2012

I received one comment asking why I am not saying much about myself while providing so much transparency.

The only reason: I sincerely fear for the safety of some people close to me. These are people who spend a lot of time in Chennai. 

Those that don’t understand how I could possibly have this fear, or think I am paranoid, don’t understand the extent to which he can manipulate and coerce people to do things. Yes, fear is my reason to not say who I am. But I feel something must be done, so I am doing what is in my capacity, because I am frustrated to see so many people being hurt repeatedly.

Being in the sanga and in the company of seriously sick people like this teacher and the people who hold and protect him, consumes a lot of energy. Keeping a watchful eye on these things also consumes a lot of energy, and I would rather be doing other more beautiful things with my time.

So, I have no intention of being a watchdog in the long run. If someone else feels like helping or taking this over in the future. I would happily give this away. But for now it feels like the right thing to do.


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  1. YES, I know it saps your energy doing what you are doing, the paradox is that the accused is already well on the way to planning and running future programs through KHYF, getting students to pay up their membership fee etc., business as usual! When people who are involved and deep in shit with the “ruby” don’t choose to wake up, what to do?

  2. Poornima permalink

    It is a cheap and lame excuse that they want to protect their identity because “I sincerely fear for the safety of some people close to me. These are people who spend a lot of time in Chennai.” Chennai is one of the safest places in India and I think there is no reason to fear for the safety of any individual.

    While definitely the site could be useful to protect future damage to others, which is a commendable objective, the manner in which it is being done here is neither Yogic nor moral. If transparency is expected out of KYM and KHYF, why is there not a transparency in this so called site? Also slinging mud at someone hiding behind firewalls is an act of cowardice. As the site itself mentions the women who were hurt did a brave deed by coming forward openly and even going to register a complaint. So why hide behind a curtain. If the site owners really have good intention behind starting this site, please let us know who you are.

    Also since we all know that there is a police investigation going on, it would seem appropriate to think the matter should not be judged or discussed by the public anymore. It is up to the authorities to decide whether something illegal has been done.

    Further, would it also not be rational to think that only a medical expert, preferably a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst or a psychiatrist is fit to diagnose someone is an addict, psychopath or having any other mental disorder. And no credible therapist would diagnose someone with just some emails and internet gossip being shared. It would damage their credibility and reputation terribly.

    Guys…at the end of the day, what has happened is terrible. But how it can be fixed can also be handled with maturity, and not through sly or conniving methods. All the best.

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