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October 24, 2012

I showed the material here to a psychologist and her very brief comments were:

…with the reservation that I have not met the person, if someone gave me these documents in a case file, and if the content was trusted to be true, I would  say this person:

  • has very strong psychopathic tendencies or is a psychopath
  • fits in the profile of a corporate psychopath
  • a sexual addict

Want to know what these terms are? Google them. Here is the wiki on psychopathy.

I am not so sure that self-healing, exorcism, tribal healers or yoga is the answer to this.


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  1. Shankar permalink

    Really feel sad to know about this . What sort of treatment must he be given to be back to normal?

  2. And let the “secret Sanga” also see this checklist, see the accused really fits the bill!

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