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Sanga goes underground

October 24, 2012

The sanga has gone underground.

Even before the recent revelations, the sanga was a very secretive group and its activities and meetings were not discussed in public.

Over time some people have left the sanga because it felt unhealthy, and they were harassed by the inner circle for being ‘cowards’. After the recent revelations some members of the sanga left either openly or quietly.

The core group of the sanga has stopped using the mailing list for any sensitive communication and new methods of communication have been setup. Even before a lot of the sensitive communication happened by skype and sms. More on that later…

Now there is talk that Kausthub will take a long needed rest and work out his issues and emerge as a shining gem. One who has conquered even the most dark spirits inside him. Until then the senior members of the sanga, will continue to keep the business functioning.


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  1. “Sanga goes underground”, nice place to follow the “teacher” to…

    reminded of an old proverb a friend shared in this context:

    “There are none so blind than those who will not see.
    There are none so deaf as those who will not hear”?

  2. SimpleYogi permalink

    Let them go wherever they want , soon they will be hunted down by Interpol .The best is for them to come to the open from their underground , accept their mistake and take genuine remedial actions but if they think then can be smart and play hide and seek then even God cant help them .

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