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October 26, 2012

Thank you Matthew.

matthew remski

i offer this perspective:


From → Kausthub, KHYF, KYM

  1. Shankar permalink

    A wonderful indepth perspective from Matthew .Hope the top people at KYM,KHYF are also reading the same ?

  2. SimpleYogi permalink

    In the name of “Authentic” Yoga , there is another scam going on in Mysore in the name of Ashtanga Yoga . They attribute their history to some non existent book called “Yoga Korunta” and this wonderful cock and bull story of how this manuscript was found and how it got lost is still being held as the Gospel truth . I have nothing against the Ashtanga System of Yoga at Mysore or nothing personal against Sharath and I admire the great work done by Pattabhi Joise in developing this system of intense Asana practice and that is now carried on by Sharath but I am suspicious when these sort of Cock and Bull stories are spread about its Origins and their so called claim to “Authentic Yoga” by expecting everyone to come to Mysore to receive the blessings directly . Initially it was Ok When few people came and Pattabhi Joise could attend to them individually but now it seems hundreds of people come to Mysore and God knows how does each person get the necessary attention . Now they are also Corporatizing themselves as “Joise Yoga” I do not know when the Mysore Bubble will burst .

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