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The holy trinity

October 26, 2012

quite a few of the senior yoga teachers, who were very close associates of Kausthub, have been quick to distance themselves and then move on as though it is business as usual. This seems ok on the surface and sometimes comes through as bold moves by responsible teachers. When the vested interests their role in these events is not visible. In situations like this is it also easy to blame all on one person  and silently escape any responsibility. Many are doing that now, atleast in public, and one group that is interesting is the sanga.

Kausthub and two of this closest friends have been sometimes referred to as The Holy Trinity. One of the holy trinity was even the high priestess in the rituals in the most recent sanga meeting in Ojako, Estonia. The most recent sanga meeting was marked by disturbing events steeped in rituals dealing with what is supposed to be ‘dark spirits’ and other mystical dark entities. For those who were there and looking with a critical eye, it displayed the hierarchy of power surrounding Kausthub in the sanga.

These very senior teachers who have distanced themselves from Kausthub, will soon visit Estonia and I know a bunch of people are eagerly waiting to ask them, “What do we do now? What is going on? What about our courses? How do we move on?”.

My comment to my fellow Estonians, When are we going to wake up and check if the sheep are not really wolves?

Please examine your own memories and impressions of these teachers by themselves and how they relate to Kausthub over time. Please ask yourself honestly, did these people who know Kausthub for decades not know what happened? What was their role in all this? What is their role now? What are their interests?

The path of yoga is riddled by many people who will eagerly lead us. Be careful out there!



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  1. Lolypop permalink

    Very intelligent intervention..

  2. Estonian permalink

    “To an outsider, the stalker’s behavior can appear friendly and unthreatening,” perhaps even during many years.
    When I find publicity of what has happening wery welcom for cleaning air, I should admit that I feel hate and dividing things to black and white also present here. Is this good for handling this case here?

  3. Lolypop permalink

    Where do you want to handle it? People need to talk and say what they have noticed and experienced! Fact is that many of these “great” teachers elected and close to Mr. K had become quite arrogant, stressed and partly agressive. I personaly expect something else from somebody who will guide me in my life.

  4. Estonian permalink

    Not “where”, but “how”. It gives more clarity when we can put hate and demonizing approach aside, Ok, it can make somebody perhaps feel better, to be in “white side”, but creating for that “black side ” to feel yourself better? We do all mistakes. How many of us can take responsibility for our mistakes? And I agree, teacher should not be arrogant. But I cant understand how we can condemn somebody for being stressed in this situation. Even yogateachers are human beings.
    So if I may, I want to express again, based on my experiences and notices, that avoiding hatred toward anybody makes this site more reliable in longer run.

    • Dear Estonian,

      I am trying my best to keep the content free from hatred and anger and keep my commentary to the minimum, and write what seems to be useful and timely for people to make their own choices. I will strive to continue to do that.

      Do you see any content here that you consider hateful? Please do let me know.


  5. Lolypop permalink

    Don’t you take responsability for your mistakes? I do not condemn them for being stressed but for having accepted this stress without saying one you always go with the stream? This is not hate…hate is something else..

  6. julia permalink

    I think that many people are dealing with grief and loss and there are many stages to that process. I would imagine it is less than empathatic to imagine that someone who has been a victim is going to find any sympathy for the person that has allegedly abused them at this point.

  7. Lolypop permalink

    Thank you, in my opinion compassion is more appropriate on this side than on the other one..

  8. Did they go through with the seminar Yoga for the individual – theory and application, October 26-28 2012, Tallinn Estonia, and what came out of it?

  9. the holy twinity by now

  10. Well, I’m not sure what to think. One of the women has erased the names of KD and Khyf from her web site altogether. She’s just “certified” and teaching in the tradition of Krishnamacharya (and TKV Desikachar). On the other’s web site they both promote themselves as students of KD, certified teachers and trainers by Khyf, and also advertise the TT as being under the certifying body of Khyf. Next TT is to start in 2013. So either all remains as of old (including KD) or a new constellation emerges. But no mention of the recent events.

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