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October 27, 2012

Quiz of the day:

Who was Dr KD’s advisor and mentor during his Ph.D at the University of Madras?


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  1. Dr. Latha, the current managing trustee of KYM, her offering to her Guru – Guru Dakshina – was KD’s PhD thesis. It can only happen in India!

  2. Shankar permalink

    Perfect example of I lick your boots and you lick mine .LOL

  3. julia permalink

    Actually that is innacurate Kausthub was helped with many of his published books by students writing entire chapters. They believed by assisting him they were closer to the source.

  4. light permalink

    Thank you for sharing everything that you have on this website. It is so important that this become public knowledge and not the domain of the senior teachers and sanga only. This really is going to prevent future suffering on a very large scale, certainly in my own life as I realise that the power I was giving to this man was totally unhealthy for me.

    Thank you and thank you again.

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