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October 27, 2012

keeping my own commentary under check, it is good to see other peoples insights and take on things…


From → Kausthub, KYM

  1. Brilliant article, finally from an Indian! what a relief!

  2. Shankar permalink

    Yes happy to see first an Indian Blogger respond to this issue openly .KYM has been smart enough in preventing this from getting leaked to Mainstream Media and TV in Chennai ,India but they forgot the fact that we are in an Internet age and things get shared with the concerned people more quickly and since he has studied at KYM he knows much better how things work there . I fully concur with his views .
    This is the best I liked in this post
    “KYM is the process that has the produced Kausthub with all his problems in his present state. The attempt to separate the end result from the process is verily anti-yoga. Kausthub is indeed a product of the authoritatively hierarchical and guru-fawning culture at KYM! If a sincere attempt is to be made to cleanse the system, then KYM must be a part of the cleansing process.”

  3. From a senior teacher of this tradition in a personal exchange with me:

    “for the very first time, kym is acting without the direct pressure or influence of Deikachar’s family: for the very first time. I think we ought to to give it a chance. We ought to wait and give them time to directly speak out about the past. The process of entering a new situation, where they do not have to consider Sir or any of his family members anymore is certailnly overwhelming for them.

    Whatever Sir’s weaknesses have been: he has not exploited directly the role of a teacher to gain control and power over people. This stands to his credit in spite of all his obvious omissions. Kausthub belongs to a differnet league, is a danger to society, spcifically of the yoga-society.

    We ought to give KYM a little time to rebuild its resources. Perhaps this thriving and useful institute can survive. We ought to strengthen and not weaken the people working at this at this conjecture.”

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