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October 28, 2012

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  1. Antonio permalink

    Thank you for your work , please try to remain as balanced as possible.

  2. Shankar permalink

    I appreciate the work you are doing .I have nothing personal in this issue as I am neither part of KYM /KHYF nor in anyway associated with the affected women but I was deeply upset by the entire episode as I had the highest regard for Sri Krishnamacharya and Sri Desikacharya and their teachings that I got through the books published by KYM and shared by Other senior students of Sri Krishnamacharya and still continue to do .I hope the entire issue is handled in an amicable manner by Senior Teachers / Administrators of KYM /KHYF and the “first priority” being to address the problem of the women who have been directly affected by the behavior of Kausthub .Let us see how things proceed in this issue .

  3. julia permalink

    I hope the entire issue is handled in an amicable manner by Senior Teachers / Administrators of KYM /KHYF – I hope that the whole matter is handled with transparency and honesty none of which appear to be available at present.

  4. Lolypop permalink

    Thank you for this blog. Its very useful.

  5. Elsa permalink

    thank you! your hard work and commitment is appreciated. Eventually this will come to light in the press, and this blog will be a very helpful resource. It may take months or years, sadly, but it will happen.

  6. Elsa permalink

    please publish as a post, not comment! thanks:

    The leaders of the former KHYF-NA, in their latest letter, repeatedly, and perhaps little obsessively, state that they’re offering a “clarification.”

    What they’re offering here is some much-needed change, and a commitment to transparency in the future. Chase & other senior teachers have unilaterally ended the mission of international certification (one vital segment of the KHYF foundation mission). They also empower the non-profit HYF, and any other former KHYF sanghas if they wish, to compete for Yoga Alliance teacher trainees, whist continuing their lineage relationship with KYM. Fair enough, I say, although our ultimate goal, over a period of time, should be financial restitution and justice for all victims.

    In the new scheme KYM will be an entirely free-standing, educational resource in the future. It’s an established non-profit, it has a board, and students can complain to that board any time about ethical matters. There is no reported sexual misconduct at KYM, even after this blizzard of emails on the topic, so we might expect that situation to continue. Guruism, yes, but guruism Lite, and a return to the old Desikachar line: no gurus, just teachers. Lineage is still a form of branding in modern times, so let the buyer beware.

    Some people will complain that KYM benefited from KHYF. As I understand it, that was always the stated mission of KHYF as a for-profit affiliate with Kausthub as chief trustee (not mentioned in the “clarifying” letter below). The financial relationship was not a kickback, it was an endowment mechanism. Members of the sangha may long for the good-old “hut” that was the much humbler KYM in the 70s. Times do change, and KYM and their patients may be allowed to use a proper building, in order to do their clinical work in the context of modern India.

    Other people who have been around for a while will note that prominent members of KYM knew at least rumors of K’s sexual misbehavior, and that Sridharan’s current position in KYM’s board as Kausthub’s main supervisor/mentor right now represents a conflict. OK, yes, that’s a problem. Let them sort that out–not our concern. There is no direct tie between the organisations, and everyone, even Kausthub, should be able to hold on to friendships that stretch back for years without being accused of conspiratorial intent.

    So it’s all incredibly groovy here in the U.S. sangha (sorry, Estonia!), but now we need to look behind us, in the manner of all reflective beings, and to make sure KHYF does not escape responsibility for the criminal nature of these charges. Those charges need to be addressed in a fair way, and not by a kangaroo court involving “interrogation” of alleged victims in the presence of an alleged abuser, his father, and a KHYF official, with no support whatever for the victims.

  7. yogaquest permalink

    Hi, I don’t know if you want to quote this as a post or just a comment. Last week I wrote this Email to the KHYF:

    Dear Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation

    I read all your statements about “Dr. Kausthub Desikachar completely stepping
    aside from the foundation”. I can see your efforts in actions like the announced
    evening of healing. Unfortunately the KHYF website doesn’t show any clear
    communication concerning the KHYFs separation from Mr. Kausthub Desikachar:

    1. Why do you not display any of your information about the changes that you are
    currently making within the organization – under “news & KHYF administration”,
    if you really want to communicate openly and earnestly?

    2. Since Dr. Kausthub Desikachar has stepped down from both the Krishnamacharya
    Yoga Mandiram and the Krishnamachraya Healing and Yoga Foundation worldwide, he
    should no longer appear as a member of “the Team”. Nobody in “the Team” and
    definitely nobody who payed for courses within the KHYF training programs wants
    to be associated in the public with Mr. Kausthub Desikachars labels such as:
    “yoga sex scandal”, “psychopath”, “sick man who destroys the Krishnamacharya

    The text on the website needs to be urgently revised and edited to take account
    of the unfortunate developments around the cumulating facts & testimonies about
    Mr. Kausthub Desikachars abusive behavior in the past.
    (quote from the website: “our Team: Dr. Kausthub Desikachar – Son and Student of TKV Desikachar,
    Dr. Kausthub Desikachar is an internationally renowned yoga teacher and yoga
    therapist, taking yoga into the next generation. Through the KYM-Mitra,which he
    founded, Dr. Kausthub takes yoga to the socially and economically
    under-privileged. He is the author of The Yoga of The Yogi : The Legacy of T
    Krishnamacharya, a lovely biography on his grandfather, as well as co-author of
    Vedic Chant Companion and The Viniyoga of Yoga : Applying Yoga for healthy
    living. He is also a patron of the British Wheel of Yoga
    as well as an advisor to the International Association of Yoga Therapists
    . Being an avid photographer, he is also the editor of
    Masters in Focus : Inspiring images of Yogacarya T Krishnamcharya and his
    pupils, a limited edition publication.”)

    3. Under “resources” on your website you still publish Mr. Kausthub Desikachars
    articles and offer his yoga sutra video lectures. The KHYF looses credit by
    continuing to base the content of the KHYF website on Mr. Kausthub Desikachars
    work: Even if he was an astute lecturer of yoga philosophy, even if he has
    contributed valuable articles to the website as an author – someone who is good
    in talking about yoga but is so far away from being authentic, someone who
    apparently has a history of serious and continuous abuse in his function as a
    teacher as well as a therapist – such an authority has lost credibility, not
    only as a lecturer, teacher and yoga therapist, but also as a trustworthy author
    and credible source. I’m afraid that the KHYF credibility will be at stake by
    not discontinuing the availability of his articles and books.

    I’m very curious to see how you will handle your web presence, transparency and
    clear-cut separation from Mr. Kausthub Desikachar in the near future. I wish you
    all the best in this severe crisis and with the difficult task of protecting
    this valuable tradition and approach in the field of Yoga and Therapy.

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