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From Chase and friends

November 1, 2012

this went out just a while ago…it is a very good summary of what has happened and some steps forward at-least in the USA.

On 31 Oct 2012, at 15:08, Chase Bossart wrote:

Dear Friends,
Thank you for supporting the letter that was sent to the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM). Altogether, 134 of us signed the letter!

It was good to see the announcement from the Mandiram (KYM) explaining that the organization:
– is a Non-Profit, Public and Charitable Trust,
– has cut all ties with Kausthub, and
– has not had, and never will have, any involvement with any activities of the KHYF.

It was also useful to see the Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation (KHYF) email stating that it is a private business and explaining its ownership. Both emails are attached to this email.

As teacher trainers and mentors, we have been in communication with many of you privately and it appears that the distinction between the KYM and KHYF as well as the steps each has taken to address the current situation was not clear to everyone. In response to the kinds of questions we have been asked on an individual basis, we felt the need to present the following clarifying information to the larger association of KHYF North American students and teachers.

The difference between the Mandiram (KYM) and the KHYF is that the former is a non-profit clinic and the later a for-profit certification body. The Mandiram (KYM), which has been a charitable trust since its founding by Mr. Desikachar in 1976, is primarily a yoga therapy clinic where the majority of the classes are one-on-one yoga therapy sessions. In addition, the Mandiram also offers individual yoga & chanting classes, educational programs including teacher trainings, clinical internships, and publishes a few books.

The KHYF, which was created as a private business in 2006, primarily serves as the body issuing KHYF certifications, overseeing the accreditation of yoga teacher training programs and providing yoga therapist and vedic chanting teacher trainings. It also publishes a number of books under its publishing division, Media Garuda.

Kauthub has been the executive director and owner of KHYF since its inception. In light of the serious allegations against Kausthub, many people expressed concern that their KHYF certification and training monies may be financially supporting Kausthub (no monies paid to the Mandiram go to Kausthub). Accordingly, the KHYF announced a number of administrative steps attempting to alleviate these concerns (email announcements are attached).

Some of the steps that have been taken by the KHYF are:

  • Kausthub has stepped down from his position as executive director of KHYF, and in his place appointed his secretary, Anupama Das, as the director in-charge. (September 21st)
  • Kausthub transferred ownership of the KHYF from himself to his mother and his father who, due to an ongoing health condition, is unable to actively participate in any aspect of the KHYF administration or teaching. (October 19th)
  • Kausthub sent an email to his mentees notifying them that he had “decided to take a break from teaching… and [they] might wish to consider an alternative mentor…” but that “…as soon as circumstances become clear that [he] will be in contact again to further discuss mentorship.” (October 9th)

These steps leave the relationship between Kausthub and the KHYF basically intact and we have no assurance that Kausthub’s influence on the organization or his financial benefit from it will be lessened. Unless further concrete steps are immediately taken toward this assurance, the KHYF will not be capable of providing education, oversight and certification that reflects the high standards and international reputation of the teachings of Śri Krishnamacharya and Mr. TKV Desikachar. Consequently, at this time, KHYF is not a viable professional organization.

At the same time, we, as well as others, remain committed to passing on these wonderful teachings and to supporting each other and our community as we move forward. The Mandiram (KYM) is also currently discussing ways that they can provide support to the members of our tradition. We appreciate that support and will continue to maintain close ties with the Mandiram and will continue to support and help the Mandiram in anyway that we can.

In the long term, we recognize the need for a new organizational structure that preserves and passes on the tradition of Śri Krishnamacharya and Mr. TKV Desikachar’s teachings, issues certifications, determines accreditations, etc. We would like the input of all the members of our community in North America to help decide how to proceed. We would like to suggest the creation of a committee to begin this discussion. If you are interested in organizing or serving on this committee, or would just like to be informed of the work of the committee as its proceeds, please send an email to Please include any comments and also tell us your location.

In the short term, we recognize that some of you have concerns regarding your current certification. If you are currently a KHYF certified teacher or teacher trainer, you can be certified by Yoga Alliance through the Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco. If you would like to know more about this, please send an email to This will also be possible for those in the middle of a KHYF accredited training program which is not directly administered by the KHYF but taught by KHYF Teacher Trainer(s), once you finish the program. The Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation under the governance of the Tides Center Foundation and has no affiliation to either the KHYF or the Mandiram.

We are also investigating a similar possibility through the Healing Yoga Foundation’s association with the IAYT for those who have completed the KHYF Yoga Therapy training. We are in the beginning stages of gathering information for setting up the procedures required to implement this process and we will keep you informed of the progress as it happens.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Best regards,

Chase Bossart, Kate Holcombe, Amy Wheeler, Anita Claney, Dolphi Wertenbaker & Sonia Nelson

<2012 0921 KHYF email announcement.pdf>
<2012 1009 Kausthub email to Mentees.pdf>
<2012 1019 KHYF Email.pdf>
<2012 1019 KYM email announcement.pdf>
<2012 1023 KHYF email announcement.pdf>
<2012 1030 The Difference between KYM & KHYF.pdf>


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  1. Meggie permalink

    Good news.

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