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Getting objective advice and reporting to authorities

November 6, 2012

I have talked to many people who are both directly and indirectly affected (abused). One consistent observation is, how much some  people underestimate or trivialize some of the things that happened. I am not a trained psychologist or helper, but my instinct tells me that many people are struggling to come to terms with this.

On the other hand some people, who follow what has been published here and the official communications from KHYF have said things like: What has been reported is some manipulation and nothing more. Don’t know what all the fuss is about, it is not like he did anything against anyones will. etc

To those who are struggling with what happened, either directly or indirectly:

Please talk to someone who can advice you on how to interpret what happened to you, and report what has happened to the police or authorities. Please don’t let other people judge what happened to you.

Here are some links to organizations you can talk to and get help

International Sexual Assault Resources


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  1. SimpleYogi permalink

    Here you can find useful links for all those that are confused and need help dealing with the cult leaving problematic

  2. SallyC permalink

    this is helpful, thanks – although it’s important to know what Kausthub and his supporters are getting up to, minimising his abusive behaviour and abuse of power, calling this ‘sickness’ and talking of his need for ‘healing’, reframing KHYF, keeping the money in the family and trying to keep on selling the brand – lets remember the bravery of the women who spoke out and those who supported them, and those also abused who haven’t spoken so publicly.. the important thing is that he is effectively discredited and never gets the power to abuse again..

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