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How many?

November 14, 2012

How many women have been abused by Kausthub? This is a question I have received often from curious people and also sometimes from women who think they are the only one.

There are at least 10 women who have written or share their stories in public, or among smaller groups like the PG course, or with close friends.

One can only speculate on the numbers of others who don’t speak out.



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  1. julia permalink

    It is never about numbers. One life lost or threatened has been enough to start a war.

  2. Elsa permalink

    It is quite likely that there are more out there. And that Kausthub will not be the last of the psychopaths coercing women in his role as a “yoga therapist.” Frankly I have seen female teachers do it to young male teacher trainees, so this is NOT a gender-specific problem. I am concerned about the vulnerability of anyone who has a history of trauma — we have so many of these in our classes, no? Many trauma victims will be drawn to somatic practices that promise healing, and many will be exploited by yoga therapists who are no more than canny predators. There is a problem with yoga teaching in our modern context. It’s time to clean up our acts if we are to keep yoga as a viable therapy, and not just a cover for many abusers. Keep up the good work with this site!

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