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Vedic chanting teacher training – Back to business in Piesendorf

November 14, 2012

On friday, Nov 16th, the second module of the Vedic Chanting Teacher Training course will commence. To me seeing the old patterns of KHYF and the students,  it feels like things are sliding back to a comfortable spot where everyone benefits and no one looses, except the women who are hurt very badly.

KHYF is back in business and this will be the first course since September. I hear that the last time there were two teachers and this time there will be only one.

Fredrike, owner of the hotel and hostel where all the courses have been conducted. She is also a long time member of Kausthub’s sanga. One can say with much confidence that most of the events reported so far and many more that are not reported, occurred there in her place. She was apparently even upset with the girls who went to the police saying “How could you”.

As for the students, it seems to be a bag of mixed feelings. The conflict between the desire to learn and the  discomfort of not knowing how to process what they have read and heard so far about what happened. Some say “I will go there and see how it feels”, “I will decide after this module whether I continue”.  I am not sure how it is with the students who used to get a scholarship from Kausthub to attend the courses. One of those was in the group in Piesendorf when for the first time a few women stood up for themselves in front of their class in September.


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  1. julia permalink

    It is impossible to understand the complicity of these students that are returning to study. The idea of a sanga is to support one another. The very fact that they are festering their own individual needs in the name of education sums up the whole essence of what they have been taught. Do they not understand that the lessons they are receiving will never serve them in society. Until we learn to offer compassion and speak up for others more vulnerable than ourselves we remain isolated from our true nature.

    Furthermore the very establishment that allowed this to take place should be suspended immediately fuurther to inquiries. Frederike may have been a long term member of the sanga but obviously her role model did not give her adequate education either. What has she learned? To divide and rule? To remain loyal to the perpetrator since she her ego is fed with the prestige of the teachings taking place in her backgarden? What is even harder to understand that all these girls/women are not supportive of their own brethren. So much for sanga. So much for empathy and sisterhood!!!

  2. Elsa permalink

    I agree Julia. We have to be strong & take comfort from the Martin Luther King quote: “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

  3. Meggie permalink

    What about the police investigation? Is it possible that K. escape without any punishment??

  4. Shankar permalink

    If Austrian Police have to take action they will have to take the help of “Interpol” and declare Kasthub as an absconding offender .

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