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A. G. Mohan on Yoga Makaranda

November 16, 2012


From → KYM

  1. Elsa permalink

    This is outstanding, and shows that several errors were propagated by Kausthub & KHYF teacher-trainers. There have been misunderstandings large and small, and this document helps to clarifies Krishnamacharya’s teachings on some very important matters. BTW Sri Krishnamacharya is strenuously clear about the dangers of wide girth (a view later substantiated by many studies on waist fat as a predictor of Diabetes II, some forms of cancer and cornonary-artery disease). I always found it very odd that the lineage holder was incapable of observing that discipline.

  2. Meggie permalink

    How is it possible that only A.G. Mohan had this manuscript? TKV and K Desikachar were hiding this teachings???

  3. Melanie permalink

    It appears that Kausthub has lied again. Kausthub indicates “However records and anecdotes indicate clearly that there is no Part 2 of this book in existence.”

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