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Post Graduate Yoga Course 2012-2014 Austria – Module 2

November 21, 2012

It is business as usual, with the Chanting course in full swing in Piesendorf, the next course is being readied.

Some people have decided to not continue the PG course.

Those that do not had any financial entanglements at this time are indeed lucky. Even historically it has been an impossible feat to get any refunds from either KYM or KHYF. In recent times it seems to be even more of a problem.

We have received email from students where;

KHYF refuses to repay the students fees for that do not want to go to Module 2 their fees

KHYF sent mail to people asking them to pay for certification even when their certification is valid for a few more years.

People who paid the certification fees just on the day or days before these events came to light and want their money back too, and KHYF just is silent on this topic.


Here is the most recent announcement for the second module of the course.



From: KHYF explore
Sent:  20 november 2012 11:09
Subject: Post Graduate Yoga Course 2012-2014 Austria – Module 2 : Reminder

Dear Participant

Greetings from Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation.

We are writing with regard to the continuation of the Post Graduate Training in Piesendorf, Austria.

On 30 October 2012, we had written to you that Mr. Frans Moors has agreed to continue the training program with whoever would like to continue. The second module will go on as scheduled with Mr. Frans Moors as the main faculty.

So far we have received replies from some of you that you would like to continue, and some who would not. We are sending this email to remind those who have not yet responded to kindly send us a reply soon so that we can work out the logistics with both the faculty and also the venue.

It would be very helpful if you could confirm to us before 23rd November 2012, whether you would like to continue as a participant of this training or not.

Warm regards


From → KHYF

  1. rose permalink

    Topic Reimbursement: I am so happy to find this topic this morning here as I have sent a request to them already for getting my money back. The answer I recieved is that I had probably not paid yet for the modules, I should check. So much anger…..I just wonder how is it possible that such an organization behave in that way? They think they can do everything that suits them, defending the own interests all the time. Can we find help on this blog? People should come together for claiming the money back. We should have an address where we could reach our claim and get legal advice.

  2. yogasentinel permalink

    I am not sure how to help people get in touch with each other. I could connect people who mail me and say you want to be connected, maybe exchange email addresses.

    Good luck with the effort to get your money back.

  3. rose permalink

    Yes for exemple, that would be wonderful! I think it is good if we try to become active, try at least..Thanks for doing this.

  4. julia permalink

    That is great he sits back with very little work and still rakes in the income. Participants you need to get your act together and put in a mass claim. If everyone becomes complacent then he will continue to gain from this whole experience. Women of the world unite!!!

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