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British Wheel of Yoga

March 9, 2013

From SallyC

I’ve written to the British Wheel of Yoga to ask if they plan to share any information or comment on the ethics of Kausthub’s abuse and exploitation of his position of teacher in the lineage of Krishnamacarya and patron of the BWY.. has anyone else raised this with them? I had no reply at all a few weeks ago and have just written again.. They printed the brief statement from KHYF but I haven’t seen anything else, which I think is appalling as he was a patron.. It’s the silence that will allow Kausthub to continue to present as someone who needs just to ‘heal’, as if he is the one who has suffered, and return when he himself ‘feels better’… and it’s an opportunity for the BWY as the leading national organisation to be clear about its values and views on the abuse of power to abuse students of yoga.


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  1. Lindy Roy permalink

    Hi Sally,
    I have also written to various BWY committee members re this. I was told there was a BWY committee mtg in early March during which this issue was going to be addressed. I have asked but so far not been told what the outcome of this mtg was.
    Best wishes, Lindy Roy

  2. I also have been in touch with the BWY, both verbally and by electronic means. no reply to

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