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Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga

March 9, 2013

Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga (the new KYM, KHYF, K-something?)

The new organization has taking over running the courses in Piesendrorf.

For example, the third module of the Vedic Chant Teacher training course that will finish today in Piesendorf is under the banner of ‘Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga’. Course fees is paid to that and the certificates are issues by them.

Business as usual for Kausthub and the entire organization of teachers and followers.


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  1. I still can’t fathom that normal people would want to follow a predator. Either they condone the doings or they believe the alleged accusations to be false. Since he’s not going to court the matter will never be solved.

  2. Andres Adamson permalink

    as far as I know now, SKY is not Kausthubs nor has he any part there to do.

    • yogasentinel permalink

      Not only does SKY have a lot to do with Kausthub, Kausthub has already started to give private lessons on skype to his followers as far as I know in Sweden, Estonia, Germany and Argentina. Some of the skype sessions and evaluations are as part of the SKY courses.

      It is painful to see so much deception, but right now it is hard to believe anything.

      For the technically inclined, I would say, examine the mails that come from the different institutions more closely.

  3. allise rhode permalink

    I hope you are correct Andres. With this acronym, SKY, one would hope not.
    — Such a precious acronym.

    • yogasentinel permalink

      Allise, yes. It is a truly precious name and acronym. But the associations are not so auspicious or genuine. Very sadly so.

  4. It is interesting to note that people still seem to have doubts if Kausthub is associated with SKY or not!! Of course, HE IS SKY!

    Well, we can choose to see what we want to see rather than what is, right?

  5. allise rhode permalink

    Hi Agneta. Your comment above, not understanding why people would want to follow a predator…

    Thinking about the blame that is placed…
    — thinking about several rape victims in the USA –just recently

    It’s the victims fault. The person passed out and unconcious. This is the person to blame!! That girl went into the room willingly enough, and then the door shut behind her!!
    It’s HER fault.
    –In fact, SHE is the one who made this man do his deeds.

    Not unusual to find many who –stick by– those who do unspeakable things to others.
    It’s not even unusual to find many who say it is the victims who is actually the perpetrator by merely existing.

    Humans have many reasons for this kind of (odd?) allegiance to the ‘bad actor’, of course.
    The usual reasons circle around the seven deadly sins.

    I think it’s understandable that people, generally, don’t want to lose the ‘good’ thing they believe they have.

    So, the lemmings are guilty too, Agneta.
    Perhaps over time we will see that some of the ‘followers’ are accused of crimes as well.

    Just think how long it takes to root out bad cops, for goodness-es sake.
    The ‘team’ is the thing at stake. Something “… larger than ourselves…”
    Where have I heard that phrase over and over again? Oh yeah,
    — in YOGA CLASS.

    Cults use the psychologies available to them.
    The followers needs are known –and used– to manipulate the individual and the group.

    TKV hated the notion that the teachings could be seen to provide the infrastructure for a CULT.

    But of course the teachings can be brought to heal.
    It simply takes the right mix, and it’s not all that difficult. People being people.

  6. allise rhode permalink

    SKY has recently sent out an: Ethics Code of Conduct.
    You must agree not to “malign” yoga professionals in the agreement, by the way…

  7. Todd permalink

    this is kausthub.. i went there personally…

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