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March 16, 2013

For those who think Kausthub is not involved in teaching and training at KHYF, KYM, SKY. Here is a video that showed up today. A reader said, there is no proof he is teaching, there is no photo where he is standing in front of the class. If you recognize people in this, ask them? What group was this? What is Kausthub’s  role in this? I see a lot of people I know, but am not able to reach out and ask.

So tell me if you know something that others should know.


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  1. Are these shots recent?

  2. Your header says “For those who think Kausthub is not involved in teaching and training at KHYF, KYM, SKY. Here is a video that showed up today” it shows a group of people enjoying themselves, going to the temple at Kannchipuram and does not show Kausthub teaching. I have just got back from Chennai and would like to comment that as far as I see it KYM is totally independent, Kausthub no longer has any connection to it. KHYF is defunct. SKY (Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga) is an organisation that has been set up to continue the teachings of Krishnamacharya, Kausthub does not teach there, receives no money from there, nor does he write their emails, Radha Sunderajan is the administrator, my teacher and I believe her. I am not a student of Kausthub nor one of his sangha, but I understand that those students who still choose to study with him do so at his home or via skype

  3. yogasentinel permalink

    Yes, they are recent from what I have been told. If you recognize the people in the video, ask them.

    There are multiple opinions on who is involved in what. Unless there is an official statement from SKY, it is hard to know what the truth really is.

    I share what is known. It is for people to make up their minds and act with some sense of morality and ethics.

  4. SST permalink

    Unfortunately here in Germany we can not watch the video because it contains music that is not licenced by the german GEMA. Is there a version available without this music so that we could see it?

    • yogasentinel permalink

      SST, Not sure how to give you a copy of the video without the music. Can someone help here?

  5. gogetalife permalink

    Honestly, why dont you start getting a life of your own… He can meet people. Stop being so paranoid. Assumptions and prejudice has never helped anyone.

    • yogasentinel permalink

      Dear go-get-a-life,

      Just like you there are others in Germany and other parts of the world, who would like us to go away. Many peoples business benefit from the long term connections with the ‘tradition’. It is also a natural tendency to support and protect your friends and preserve that you identify with strongly.

      For us, It is not about who he meets and what he does with his life, or what you believe in. It is important for us to make sure that he or anyone associated with him is not a predator on people who are not able to make choices, because they don’t know the truth.

      Our intention is to bring to light what people don’t know in general. Even today after so much has been revealed in different circles, many people still say, “but why is he being talked about as such a bad villain if he only makes funny and lewd jokes. That is not so bad, a lot of people do that”. If only that was the end of what has happened.

      Don’t worry about us, take care of your well being and peace and do build a strong moral compass to look at things clearly even when the truth is not convenient for your ego or your business.

      • truth_alone_wins permalink

        Please stop spreading lies. The case against Kausthub collapsed because the Prosecutor found no evidence and dropped the case (see ). If the allegations are true, kindly follow up with the Austrian ladies, who did a disappeared after making wild allegations, as well as the others and get the Authorities involved. If not, kindly apologize and bring this (smear campaign?) to an end.

  6. Honey permalink

    Well said, YS.

    Kausthub has not been reflecting and repenting of his admitted sexual abuse, or showing any signs of psychological development and rehabilitation. Instead he has been preparing a slick site designed to profit from his family’s tradition… right down to selling Ganesha-themed iphone cases. I can’t tell whether he is more repellant than ludicrous.

  7. Question remains, what will be the relationship between the SKY and the DR. Kausthub Desikachar trainings. And the KHYF. Our friends in Sweden are starting a new teacher training in September 2013, affiliated to the umbrella organization KHYF. Is the KHYF even going to exist over the near future? Their current programs run into 2014 and they are proposing a new Vedic Chanting TT to start in July 2013.

    • yogasentinel permalink

      The Vedic Chant program which started under KHYF is now run by SKY. All payments are made to SKY and the students will receive their certificates from SKY. Some of the students in the current Vedic Chant program are also private students of Kausthub and receive their lessons on skype.

      As, per Sweden, I have no idea. If anyone in Sweden wants to comment on this, it could help others to make informed choices.

  8. yogasentinel permalink

    “Do you know SKY has come up with a “Code of Ethics” that has copyright Kausthub Desikachar, and people are still wondering if he has anything to do with it? -A YS reader named VS”

  9. Upon receiving the SKY Yoga Teacher Training 2013 email I asked for more details and got this return email:

    Dear Agneta Wirberg

    Greetings from Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga.

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding our Teacher Training course. While we will be sending you more details shortly, any information that you could provide us about yourself would be appreciated (where you are from, current profession, whether you have a background in yoga, etc).

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Warm regards

    Ms Vinodhini M

    Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga
    6 (Old # 5), Stone Link Avenue,
    R A Puram,
    Chennai 600028

    email :
    Phone: +91 44 42066856
    Fax: +91 44 24334653

    I find it odd. Send a form to fill in, if you want more details OR google my name and find out everything you need. Google translate is also very helpful. I can’t help but feel that Ms Vinodhini M = KD.

  10. Anyway, newsletters from SKY keep coming. The new web site features Sri TKV Desikachar he was actively participating in the activities. No other teachers are mentioned. Wishing him the best of best I can’t help but think that he is not active.

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