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April 14, 2013

What do you all think/make of his most recent public statement?

Please feel free to quote and comment. He or his supporters can read and reflect.

For me it sounds so very typical Kausthub. I have suffered. I am healed. I have emerged as wise teacher. Come learn from me.

A healed person, are you? When are you going to accept and state an apology to the women you have abused? Repent in actions not in words.

“I realise that some of the decisions that I have made in the past…” Decisions? decisions?  I wonder what the women who have been mishandled and their families have to say about your ‘decisions’? Go to Austria and talk to the police about the ‘decisions’ that you talk about. Let’s see what you are really made up of and how far your healing has come.


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  1. SallyC permalink

    yes I too think it’s typical of Kausthub, based on what we’ve heard so far about the ‘healing’ approach.. he can ‘regret’ and ‘heal’ but this isn’t the same as taking responsibility and changing in a credible way.. for abusers, in my experience, this would require seriously challenging his view, his story.. and I doubt if those alongside him have or are doing that..
    I’ve still been emailing the BWY and they are not taking this opportunity to stand up ethically against the power of the abuser.. leaving it to the re-branded UK-KHYF (have they dis-associated themselves from him?) and telling me that Kausthub resigned as patron..

    keep on sharing information and clear understanding of abuse and power, abuse of power, everyone..

  2. SallyC permalink

    PS I followed the link and seem to have got into the website with no problem and left a message for Kausthub – his automated reply tells me to ‘have a nice day’ – would laugh if it wasn’t so appalling, all of it..

  3. Settele permalink

    This man is false, his letter well written but phoney, his hidden agenda obvious. Nice try to fool people into buying his courses again. Kausthub has lost all credibility. As a yoga teacher, as a therapist.

  4. julia permalink

    I doubt the UK have dis-associated from him because some of them were part of the group that went over to Chennai for the summit. Considering one of the victims were part of the KHYF uk group that makes them enablers – shame on them! What we have is a cult following who have been totally brainwashed and covert their income more than their honor.

  5. He needs help..... permalink

    From Kausthub’s website…..disturbing to say the least……and totally in alignment with the rumors of what he has been up to recently….

    The Kapalika-s (Sanskrit कापालिक) are one of the two main sects of Siva follows, who follow a a non-Puranic or tantric form of Saivism. Some of their members were considered to have written the Bhairava Tantra-s, including the subdivision called the Kaula Tantra-s.

    They are called Kapalika-s literally meaning the ‘skull-men,’ because, they carried a skull-topped staff and a cranium begging bowl. Differing from the more respectable Brahmin householder of the Saiva Siddhanta, the Kapalika ascetic imitated his ferocious deity, Lord Siva, and covered himself in the ashes from the cremation ground, and propitated his Gods with the supposedly impure substances of blood, meat, alcohol, urine and sexual fluids from intercourse unconstrained by caste restrictions. Flaunting such rules that were considered impure by the more orthodox Brahmin-s, the Kapalika-s went against Vedic injunctions, and hence were considered a Tantric sect. Their main aim was power through evoking powerful deities, especially the Goddesses.

    They also have had a significant influence on Yoga, especially Hathayoga. Evidence of this can be found through texts such as Hathayogapradipika, which list some of their eccentric practices. This apart the main texts of their lineage the Bhairava Tantra and the Kaula Tantra offer many Yogic practices as part of their teachings.

    Bhairava Tantra is a key text of of Kashmir Saivism. It is presented as a discourse between Lord Siva and his consort Sakti. The text talks about 112 meditation methods, known as dharanas, which include pranayama, concentration on energy centres of the body, non-dual awareness, chanting, visualisation and contemplation through each of the senses. A an important aspect discussed in these texts is the prerequisite to success in any of the 112 practices, which is a clear understanding of which method is most suitable to the practitioner.

    Kaula or Kula describes a kind of Hindu Tantrism, more associated with the Kapalica sect of ascetics. The concepts of purity, sacrifice, freedom, the spiritual master (guru) and the heart are core concepts of the Kaula tradition. Similar to other tantric schools, the Kaula-tantra adopts an approach of positive affirmation, rather than prescribing self limitations and condemning of various actions. Thus it embraces acts such as sexuality, love, social life and artistic pursuits as important domains of spiritual evolution. The main approach of Kaula-tantra is practical methods for attaining enlightenment, rather than merely engaging in complex philosophical debates. The main means employed in the Kaula practice are spiritual family, initiation into rituals, sexual rituals such as maithuna, spiritual alchemy, controlling or energy through mantras and other mystical methods, and the realisation of individual and universal consciousness .

    The Kaula lineage is closely linked to the Siddha and Natha traditions. Owing to this fact, their influence on the Yoga tradition was quite significant, as the Natha lineage is an influential lineage of Yoga teaching. It is highly possible that Svatmarama and others in this lineage belonged to the Kaula tradition, and perhaps even to the Kapalika sect. It is perhaps the reason for some of the mysterious practices that form part of texts such as Hathayogapradipika.

    Many conservative Yogin-s were disapproving of their methods, and shied away from their practices. Yet the Kapalika-s and their mysterious methods have endured till the current day. Visitors to Varanasi, the ancient and holy city on the banks of the river Ganga, can very often come face to face with such ascetics.

  6. He needs help..... permalink

    See below from Wikipedia on the Kaula tradition…. If you look at the wikipedia you will see that Kausthub’s website and Wikipedia have very similar descriptions of Bhairava and Kaula…so either he wrote the Wikipedia descriptions or he copied almost word for word certain sections.

    I am sorry to say, but I don’t think he is done abusing people sexually….just found a convenient way to justify it…..I really hope that his family can get their heads on straight and take him to a mental facility so that he can get the help he so desperately needs.

    Yamala – the tantric couple
    Abhinavagupta: “The couple (yamala) is consciousness itself, the unifying emission and the stable abode. It is the absolute, the noble cosmic bliss consisting of both Shiva and Shakti. It is the supreme secret of Kula; neither quiescent nor emergent, it is the flowing font of both quiescence and emergence.” (Tantraloka)[57]
    The sexual practices of the Kaula schools, also known as “the secret ritual”, are performed with a so-called “external Shakti” (sexual partner)[58] as opposed to the purely meditative practices which involve only one’s own spiritual energies (the “interior Shakti”). The role of the sexual Kaula ritual is to unite the couple, yogini (initiated woman) and siddha (initiated man), and induce one in the other a state of permanent awakening.[59] This achievement is made possible by the intensity of their love.[60]
    In their exalted state, the two become absorbed into the consciousness of the Self. Becoming united on all the levels, physical, astral, mental and even in their consciousness, they reconstitute the supreme couple of Shiva and Shakti.[61]
    The Kaula sacrifice is reserved for the few, the elite who can maintain a state of Bhairava (spiritual illumination) in sexual union.[62] Other couples, even if they reproduce the ritual to the letter (as perceived from outside), if they do not attain Bhairava consciousness, are merely engaging in a sexual act.
    “Initiation by the mouth of the yogini (yoginī-vaktra)”, is a method by which the adept unites with a purified yoginī and receives the unique experience of the illuminated consciousness.[63] He is to see her as both his lover and guru.
    The energy generated during the tantric sexual act is considered a form of “subtle emission”, while the act of ejaculation is considered a form of physical emission.[64] In Kashmir Shaivism, the energy of emission (visarga śakti) is considered to be a form of ānanda (bliss).

  7. allise rhode permalink

    I believe K. sounds sincere. I think the language a bit ‘squirrely’, but the man gets a point or 10 for his regret. Such a different person from John Friend and his verbiage.
    I think K. will be able to overcome his ‘problems’. But he will have to keep close to the ‘problems’, (the negative samskaras) because they remain. I’m certain they remain.

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