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This is it for now…

June 23, 2013

The purpose of the blog was to reveal to people what was not known in public about the psychological and sexual abuse of many women by Kausthub Desikachar.

Enough has been posted here to bring to light what has happened. We hope this helps people make the right choices for themselves and help set their moral and ethical compass.

The blog has run its course, and we have done what we felt needed to be done. Now it is time for a break.

So many people have helped to provide the information for the blog and we are grateful to these people who stepped forward either publicly or anonymously. Thank you.


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  1. Perhaps it’s enough for now. But there are always new people out the who will fall victim to predators. KD is now purged from his main Swedish team/students’ web sites. “In the tradition of Krishnamacharya as taught by TKV Desikachar. Pragmatists and/or hypocrites?

  2. Ranjeeth permalink

    Its high time you brought this to an end. Your statement ‘Enough has been posted here to bring to light what has happened’ is so self-righteous..because you act as if you know the truth!!! Only God knows the truth. I think its high time you spent more time in practicing Yoga, than spending time gossiping. God bless you.

  3. Meggie permalink

    Thank you for the good work you did. It helped me a lot! In the most difficult moments this blog was the only source of information about KD and his sick behaviour, which caused so much damage to all his students (I am one of them) and to the lineage of his father and grandfather.

    The one who thinks this blog was spending time with gossip is only saying judgemental, angry and empty words. The words “god bless you” sound mechanical and arrogant. Kausthub is using the same words to answer those that didn’t accepted his denial and said it to him in messages to his site.

    Thank you again.

  4. allise rhode permalink

    Ha! God knowing the truth.
    — Reminds me of some silly crap I grew up hearing. Us kids would yell at one another: “you’ll find out in heaven!!”

    Thanks for the blog. I would not like to be ignorant of what was shared here. Knowledge allows us to ‘avoid the suffering that is yet to come…’

    Keep on speaking up y’all.

  5. Sachin permalink

    Thanks for the wonderful work you have done in exposing Kausthub . We have to be more vigilant of such persons in future .

  6. simone permalink

    You did well, provided all of us with a broad spectrum of first hand documents, wise analyisis, insight information, views from the oudside – thanks. It was so necessary. I read every bit of it. Seems like KD is again (or just about still) on track. Those who want to know – they do know now. Thanks to your work and all the contributors.

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