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The International Yoga Alliance for Ethics

December 16, 2014

“We are dedicated to the promotion of right practice and justice in yoga for all those that have suffered bullying, stalking, emotional and physical abuse. We seek to raise awareness and offer support. Our aim is to restore dignity to yoga through a Charter of Ethics in order to promote safety whilst learning yoga.”

Please visit their homepage at:

and also their facebook page:


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    Having studied directly with TKV Desikachar in the 80’s and 90’s, I can only say that the behaviors of his son cause me deep sadness. I met Kastaub in Montreal and was not impressed. As an experienced, ethical and licensed (in the USA) psychotherapist, I am appalled that he is again teaching. I believe that if he receives appropriate treatment, he will never again teach anyone without providing full written disclosures to each individual and he will never teach without an accountability monitor I. The room. If TKV Desikachar had awareness of his son’s actions, I believe it must hurt him so deeply. Totally creeps me out.

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