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KHYF is back with both Kausthub and ‘Ethics’

October 10, 2015

I was made aware of this today, that KHYF is back in business as usual.

Just how shameless and unscrupulous can people be?

The Desikachar family seems to be blinded by the deep need to promote their son, even at the cost of not remotely following basic decency and ethics.  The  depressing and ironical thing is to have Kausthub named in the same paragraph that talks about ethics.

Here is an excerpt from the recent brochure for the “Holistic Yoga Therapy Training (2016-1019) in the Classical Tradition of T Krishnamacharya & TKV Desikachar”

The syllabi of the teaching course, will be designed, reviewed and updated regularly by Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation, under the direction of KHYF Council of Academic Patrons. The main faculty for the program will be Dr. Kausthub Desikachar, and other senior teachers in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. They will also be ably assisted by other visiting faculty who are affiliated to the teaching team of Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation.
All faculty of KHYF adhere to and follow the KHYF Code of Ethics. To read and understand our code of ethics, kindly visit –!code-of-ethics/c1arh


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