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this started out of a deep frustration that there was so much manipulation, gossip and trivialization of the suffering that was endured by so many women and no one was willing to step up and tell what was going on.

the brave people who have come out and shared their stories is such a small number compared to all the others that suffer in silence.

hope this will encourage more people to step and share their stories in public or in private to help others to step up and start the steps towards walking away from things that cause suffering

heyam dukham anagatam


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  1. Shankar permalink

    I appreciate your efforts in starting this blog .I sincerely believe that this blog should not get trapped in sharing mindless gossip or involve in hitting at some one for the sake of hitting when they are down . There is a lot of Gross /Subtle exploitation that goes on in the Yoga /Spiritual Community and many awaken only after the bubble has busted but after some time the incident is forgotten and we again wake up after the next scandal . Few months back the entire web community was discussing about John Friend’s Anusara Scandal and then they forgot about it and now he is back to teaching under a new name / banner .I fear this Kausthub incident too will go that way and we will see him back in action after few months in a different name / banner . I do not believe that once an accused should remain an accused throughout his /her entire life but he must be given the punishment due for his misdeeds and new process must be put in to see to it that such incidents never happen again in future . This forum must be a sort of watch dog for such acts .

  2. SallyC permalink

    (I can’t see how to offer a new post so am writing this as a comment on the most relevant post.. would turn it into a post if you let me know how?)

    I’ve written to the British Wheel of Yoga to ask if they plan to share any information or comment on the ethics of Kausthub’s abuse and exploitation of his position of teacher in the lineage of Krishnamacarya and patron of the BWY.. has anyone else raised this with them? I had no reply at all a few weeks ago and have just written again.. They printed the brief statement from KHYF but I haven’t seen anything else, which I think is appalling as he was a patron.. It’s the silence that will allow Kausthub to continue to present as someone who needs just to ‘heal’, as if he is the one who has suffered, and return when he himself ‘feels better’… and it’s an opportunity for the BWY as the leading national organisation to be clear about its values and views on the abuse of power to abuse students of yoga.

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