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What do you all think/make of his most recent public statement?

Please feel free to quote and comment. He or his supporters can read and reflect.

For me it sounds so very typical Kausthub. I have suffered. I am healed. I have emerged as wise teacher. Come learn from me.

A healed person, are you? When are you going to accept and state an apology to the women you have abused? Repent in actions not in words.

“I realise that some of the decisions that I have made in the past…” Decisions? decisions?  I wonder what the women who have been mishandled and their families have to say about your ‘decisions’? Go to Austria and talk to the police about the ‘decisions’ that you talk about. Let’s see what you are really made up of and how far your healing has come.


Updated: April 13th

Before the site was taken down, this is what was on it:

The top of every age had a large picture of a ring with a dark stone in the middle. The ring has featured in some of the stories of women who have been affected by him.

There were articles about

  • The Yoga Makaranda
  • A CV
  • And a list of services, which included classes and education directly from the teacher in various forms.

April 14th: Seems the is site up and ready for business again



For those who think Kausthub is not involved in teaching and training at KHYF, KYM, SKY. Here is a video that showed up today. A reader said, there is no proof he is teaching, there is no photo where he is standing in front of the class. If you recognize people in this, ask them? What group was this? What is Kausthub’s  role in this? I see a lot of people I know, but am not able to reach out and ask.

So tell me if you know something that others should know.

Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga

Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga (the new KYM, KHYF, K-something?)

The new organization has taking over running the courses in Piesendrorf.

For example, the third module of the Vedic Chant Teacher training course that will finish today in Piesendorf is under the banner of ‘Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga’. Course fees is paid to that and the certificates are issues by them.

Business as usual for Kausthub and the entire organization of teachers and followers.

British Wheel of Yoga

From SallyC

I’ve written to the British Wheel of Yoga to ask if they plan to share any information or comment on the ethics of Kausthub’s abuse and exploitation of his position of teacher in the lineage of Krishnamacarya and patron of the BWY.. has anyone else raised this with them? I had no reply at all a few weeks ago and have just written again.. They printed the brief statement from KHYF but I haven’t seen anything else, which I think is appalling as he was a patron.. It’s the silence that will allow Kausthub to continue to present as someone who needs just to ‘heal’, as if he is the one who has suffered, and return when he himself ‘feels better’… and it’s an opportunity for the BWY as the leading national organisation to be clear about its values and views on the abuse of power to abuse students of yoga.

Are you interested in my POV?

I received this mail recently and am posting it as it is, to share the insightful view point.

Subject: Are you interested in my POV?

Dear Blogger: By way  of introduction: I began studying with Desikachar at J. Krishnamurti’s insistence. From 1967 to 1973 I studied one on one. I knew Krishnamachary and Meneka. I left Yoga teaching in the late 70’s primarily because I found it was inadequate for addressing the one dimension of Yoga most needed especially by Western students. I am aware this view is not well understood and may even be meet with hostility. Never the less here is a little of what I have to say on the broader subject of sexual exploitation in Yoga and or Guru circumstance.

I will start with what I have come to think is the heart of what is missing in modern Yoga practice. What is sorely missing from the Yoga world is a basic education in psychology. The only psychology worth learning is sacred psychology and that is the archetypal. The oldest one is Astrology, while the youngest or should I say most recent discovery and IMO the most useful, is the Enneagram. There is a prejudice that if, whatever the subject, is not covered in the Yoga Sutras (I did them in Sanskrit with Desikachar) we don’t need to cover it. I have been exposed to a counter argument that the “teaching must be contemporary” this given to me by both Krishnamurtis. I have found this to be far more true and operative in my ‘practice’ than the traditional view. I left Yoga teaching because the issues presented by my students were beyond my ability to address and it felt inauthentic to pretend that my training was adequate for the task.

Modern Westerners have a unique set of psychological challenges which no amount of asana and pranyama can effect. And when allowed to go unaddressed will in all likely hood surface as the ‘shadow’.
No amount of Hatha Yoga practice will heal or change what is essentially a psychological issue. Yoga has four dimensions. Physical, emotional or psychic, mental and spiritual. The psychic is best understood as ‘the feeling principle’ and in our patriarchy dominated world the most problematic and the one least served by modern forms of Yoga. It should come as no surprise that we continue to see this shameful display by Yoga teachers praying upon their female students. Nothing in the training of teachers especially those from India prepares them for confronting the shadow side of their sexuality. The answer does not lie in the past or Eastern scriptures but in self-knowledge and a foundation in archetypal psychology.

Douglas Rosestone

New sanga formed

A new sanga is formed in Chennai with the most senior teachers, old students and even some new students from the most recent PG course. From what came to my attention there has been a meeting in Chennai with people traveling from different parts of the world including Europe and South America to give support to ‘KD’ and form the new sanga.

After almost 6 months, there is still no sign of regret or apology. Just moving straight ahead and on to business as usual.